Converse Ctas Shoes

Converse Ctas Shoes

They are among the absolute cult models of Converse: The Ctas, They are characterized by their typical retro look with a rubber cap on the toe, the circular logo patch and the side eyelets that provide air. They are available in both high and low cut versions.

So gentlemen can wear their ctas from Converse

These shoes are true all-round talent that you can combine with a variety of outfits. Of course they look particularly good casual casual looks. Sportive men like to wear the iconic shoes, for example, to the colorful street style outfit. Bright red Ctas by Converse come to light jeans and a colorful T-shirt very well. But even for the modern grunge look, the shoes come into question. Black skinny jeans and a comfortable flannel shirt make the look perfect. For the summer and spring, the trend shoes are also available in bright pastel colors or with colorful patterns, so you can complement your surfer look stylish.

These cult shoes belong in every women’s shoe cabinet

Also in the ladies’ fashion are the Converse Ctas long ago become a cult shoe. For the ladies there are even models in pink or with wild animal prints. A fresh, summery trend look can be wonderfully combined with the bright white variants. In general, exist Ctas Made of high quality canvas. But Converse Meanwhile, he also offers his cult shoes with many other surface types. If you are looking for a dose of glamor in the gray everyday life, you can grab sparkling models with glittering sequin trim. Even dazzling metallic surfaces add variety to your wardrobe.