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Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts for men – casual shirts

They are looking for Casual shirts for men? Then you are right here. Casual shirts are diverse and may be missing as a basic in any men’s wardrobe. Our range of casual shirts has something for every taste. Click through our wide range and let yourself be inspired.

Casual Shirts: Stylish at leisure

Men’s shirts are almost symbolic of the entire men’s fashion. They are wearable in both leisure and business life and give the wearer style. The classics are white business shirts; They look great on suit and men’s jeans. Historically, today’s men’s shirts developed from underwear, which is why it is prohibited by old etiquette rules to take off his men’s jacket in front of a lady. According to etiquette, a visible men’s shirt would be a social faux pas almost bordering on exhibitionism. Men’s shirts are white in their original form. They were in the late 19th century as a status symbol, since only wealthy men could wash shirts. It was not until the 1930s that striped men’s shirts, different color variants and collar shapes came on.

A classic men’s shirt is still defined today by its collar shape. In men’s shirts stand-up collar, Kläppchenkragen, Button Down collar, Kent collar or shark collar are the most common collar shapes. For example, less well-known collar shapes are the pin collar collar collar or the rounded tip collar shapes. In former times one changed his men’s shirts only conditionally, only the angeknöpften collars were exchanged – what a too frequent washing of the clothes spared. The fabrics from which men’s shirts can be made are diverse – a paradise for men.

Casual Shirts

Relaxed casual shirts are just the thing for laid-back casual looks. They inspire with trendy colors and creative patterns and offer you a comfortable fit.

Usually for casual shirts robust fabrics are processed. This will keep your favorite model for a long time if you wear and wash it frequently. Combine your shirt with sporty or casual looks, just the way you like it. For example, classic jeans or comfortable chinos are a good match. Variety is ensured by a wide selection of colors and patterns. Very classic checks or stripes are popular. Delicate pastel or natural tones are ideal for warm days. They reflect the warm sunlight and blend well with fresh summer looks. Casual shirts are available in short-sleeved and long-sleeved design, so you are prepared for any season. In autumn, deep, warm tones are a good choice. Currently, for example, a deep red wine announced.