Monday , 4 September 2023


Looking for the perfect pants? In size M you have what cuts, shapes and designs affects almost unlimited possibilities. Be inspired by current trends or rediscover timeless basics.

Countless trousers in size M – large selection for ladies

If you wear this dress size as a lady, you may dare to present your figure in tight leggings. In addition to creepy jeggings or treggings in the denim look or the rocking leather variant also extravagant models with shimmering inserts or colorful prints are part of the assortment. Perfect for elegant business looks are classic pants with pleats. You are allowed to join size M For trousers also like to grab bright colors or prints. Those who like it comfortable can bet on jog pants. The cozy feel-good look is perfect for relaxed weekends at home.

This is how gentlemen create cool outfits

Even men with size M have fashionable freedom and opportunities. Be careful not to wear too wide trousers – your slim figure goes down quickly. A hip chino pant emphasizes a slim silhouette and is perfect for a casual business look. If you prefer a classic, grab a pair of corduroy trousers in brown or beige and combine them with modern accessories.