Tuesday , 12 September 2023
Lingerie for Women

Lingerie for Women

The basis for a successful outfit is a well-fitting underwear. So that you are always perfectly styled underneath, there is one large selection of ladiesunderwear in different designs and styles. From sexy to comfortable and functional everything is there.

Underwear for women in different designs

Comfortable underwear made of skin-friendly materials is just the thing for everyday wear. Who is tired of the emerging seams and likes to show in figure-hugging clothing, who may over Seamless panties and bustiers looking forward. These are also available in beautiful nude tones, so they do not show through under light clothes, In addition, there are numerous classic jazz pants that accompany you reliably through everyday life and, above all, have proven to be very comfortable underwear for women.

Sexy lingerie

On special occasions, the underwear for ladies may be a bit fancier. Delicate lace, transparent cut-outs and decorative embellishmentssuch as beads or rhinestones give you the opportunity to effectively stage your feminine curves. In addition to the typical combination of bra and panties, you can of course also resort to seductive thong.

From comfortable to exciting: which trousers and panties are the right ones?

For every outfit and every occasion there are the matching trousers for underneath. In everyday life is the classic panties the first choice For many women: He sits comfortably and offers enough freedom of movement. Slightly sportier and more youthful will be the lingerie look with panties that have leg support: Pantys, Hipsters and Shortys, They all have a straight leg and sit low on the hips, so they not only look sexy, but also be worn well under tight clothing. Especially seductive are the tight pants in the underwear: Thongs and strings, These put the Po especially in scene well. Thanks to little material, these panties are also good as underwear under your favorite dress.

Here you will find the pants, panties and briefs for women.

Cozy? Yes, but stylish – our loungewear

Let the day fade away comfortably on the couch – what could be better? The right loungewear makes it twice as comfortable. Soft materials Jersey, sweat and cotton are pleasant to the skin. Elastic cuffs make sure that nothing pushes or cuts. The classic colors of women’s loungewear are black, white and gray – this is how you create a dignified look for unexciting days, Round off the day with a bubble bath or a hot shower and then slip into one of the cozy bathrobes,

Discover now our wide selection of Loungewear.

Sleepwear for a good night’s sleep

How to bed, so you sleep – that says an old saying. In addition to the bed linen and the nightwear is crucial. From the exciting nightgown with lace trim to the classic pajamas with cute print motif – the tastes and needs are different. Short, airy nightshirts are recommended in summer, while pajamas are used in cold temperatures. Also cute: A sleepshirt combined with shorts. Pay particular attention to your nightwear in addition to the design skin-friendly materials like cotton and one comfortable seat,

Browse through our nightwear range now.

Tops & bras for optimal hold

With the bras you can choose directly between several possibilities. Ladies with a large bust can help out with a minimizer and enjoy extra comfort with extra-wide straps, If you want to chew on one or two cup sizes, you’ll be well advised with a push-up bra with integrated padding. Cup bras create a beautiful breast shape, while simple fabric bras can convince with great comfort. Sports bras provide sufficient support in every situation, whether running, doing gymnastics or yoga. With the carrier crossed at the back, the load spreads pleasantly and you will hardly feel your bust size. Classics like Calvin Klein women’s underwear combine functionality with timeless, stylish design. Also announced right now: Bodies! The elegant one-piece suit not only as underwear, but in combination with jeans or a skirt as a hip top.