Strapless wedding dresses

Strapless wedding dresses

Of course you need a stylish wedding dress so that you can convince on your big day on the whole line. Shoulderless models are particularly popular. They look very feminine and seductive. Besides, they are wonderfully timeless.

How to make a great appearance

Off-the-shoulder dresses are trendy and the perfect companions for the wedding. In the registry office and in the church, however, the shoulders and upper arms should be covered. This does not mean that you have to do without the strapless bridal gown. Just combine it with a bolero or a stole. You can put them down immediately after the official part and proudly present your glamorous outfit at the following celebration.

What makes strapless wedding dresses so special

The popular wedding dresses are cut in the upper body mostly very figure-hugging. They leave the view of the complete shoulders and collarbone free. Not only does this look lovely, it also offers plenty of room for sparkling statement jewelry. But even the discreet pearl necklace comes to the strapless wedding dress to advantage. On many models, the décolleté is also decorated with a delicate lace or a decorative border, so it is beautifully staged.

Find wedding dresses with a strapless fit in your style

There are many different versions of the coveted clothes available. You can opt for a midi skirt or a floor-length robe. The styles also vary, so there is certainly the right model for your taste. Simple white dresses with a classic A-line cut look minimalist and timeless at the same time. Strapless wedding dresses with noble lace, decorative embroidery or very feminine colors have a romantic look. If you are planning a glamorous appearance, you should resort to one of the dresses with sparkling rhinestone trim.