Thursday , 28 September 2023
Mermaids Dresses

Mermaids Dresses

Perfect contours and a dreamlike silhouette: With a trendy mermaid dress that’s no problem. Be enchanted by enchanting designs with pearls, ruffles or a seductive back and discover your personal highlight.

What makes the clothes so special

It is the cut that makes the garment an eye-catcher. Their names get the robes, because the skirt reminds of the fin of a mermaid. From the top to the knee, they are very narrow and figure-hugging and the lower third flows in an issued form around your legs. The special cut of the mermaid dress emphasizes your curves in a sensational way and makes you an eye-catcher at noble events such as a gala, an opera visit or a festive dinner. The fairy-tale look suits every type, when invisible shapewear makes small cuddly clothes disappear in no time

In which designs are the mermaid robes available?

You decide for yourself how opulent your new favorite dress should be. A simple variation in noble Bordeaux or royal dark blue is very exclusive. A wide U-neckline, delicate lace sleeves or a seductive back piece give the rather simple models a special charm. If you want to attract more attention, you can opt for more eccentric dresses – playful ruffles or a fitted skirt made from several layers of tulle in the lower part of the dress enhance the mermaid effect. Incidentally, these robes are also extremely popular at weddings, because they provide the ideal basis for a soft-flowing train. Delicate tulle, embroidery or pearls make the hearts of bride and guests even beat faster!