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ESPRIT Winter Coat – a classic with many different facets

ESPRIT Winter Coat – a classic with many different facets

From selling self-sewn garments to one of the world’s largest clothing companies, the Esprit brand has been writing legendary fashion history for over 40 years. Esprit clothes like a pair of pants, a dress or a Wit coat is as versatile as its wearers themselves: casual, trendy, elegant, sporty or classic.

Esprit coat – a classic with many different facets

If you value current fashion trends and a good price-performance ratio, you will love the fashion label Esprit. In the collections of its product lines, the brand surprises again and again with innovative designs, versatile garments and unusual materials. The Winter coat is one of the classics of every collection: Elegant and classically cut he is in the lines Women Collection and Men Collection, but unusual, sporty and casual at Women Casual, Men Casual and Esprit de.corp. Whether warm winter coat or light summer trench – Esprit offers the perfect coat for every season, every taste and every occasion. Good workmanship and high-quality materials such as wool, cotton, down or leather ensure that an Esprit coat survives more than one season.

Esprit coat – cuts, shapes and colors

Among the timeless classics of the Esprit coat collections are the wool coats. Depending on the shape of the cut, they can be long to the middle of the calf, half-length to below the knee or short to the middle of the thigh. Fine wools such as cashmere, alpaca or mohair will keep you warm even when temperatures are warm and feel cuddly soft. An Esprit wool coat is a faithful companion for ladies who prefer an elegant style. If you prefer sporty and casual, you can choose an Esprit coat like a down coat, a parka or an Esprit trench coat. Down coats and parkas, like most Esprit jackets, have a zipper closure and feature numerous fashionable and practical details such as inside and outside pockets, detachable hood, drawstrings or ribbed cuffs on the sleeves.