Thursday , 28 September 2023
The cool, classic or sporty look for trendsetters

The cool, classic or sporty look for trendsetters

Even in summer you do not have to do without the practical jeans. Thanks to a diverse selection of short models, you will be stylish and well dressed through the hot months. Extravagant washes, various cuts and innovative designs are waiting to be discovered by you.

Short jeans are worn in women’s fashion especially in the form of shorts. These can be sporty, elegant or rocking. Fringy models with imitated signs of use and holes have a very rebellious appearance and are perfect for the cool festival outfit. With band shirt and chucks you are perfectly prepared. Dark denim shorts or models in soft beige can be combined with the classic white blouse very charming. A pair of high heels complete the look. If you like it sporty, take the classic blue jeans with a short cut and wear it to the T-shirt. Alternatively, you can also opt for Bermuda shorts here.

Short jeans for the fashion-conscious gentleman

Also in men’s fashion, various variants of the scarce trend piece are available. They are available in different lengths. In addition to summer shorts, there are plenty of Bermudas that end just above the knee. Trend-conscious men combine short cut Jeans happy with sneakers and colorful printshirt. For those who prefer a little more classical, they are well advised with slippers and a chic casual shirt. Elegant sunglasses give the outfit the finishing touch.