Thursday , 28 September 2023
Jeans with contrasting stitches

Jeans with contrasting stitches

Bright, dark or colorful seams, which stand out from the color of the pants, immediately catch the eye and are a very simple, yet decorative embellishment. Stylish contrasting seams give the casual jeans that certain something and transform them into a successful eye-catcher in your leisure look.

Put a highlight in the outfit with the right pants

Jeans with contrast stitching are equipped with seams that are lighter or darker than the basic color of the jeans. They are especially suitable for relaxed casual looks or stylish street style outfits and can be well combined sporty or casual. For the men, for example, there are casual wide-cut Jeans with contrast stitchingthat look good on sneakers and hoodie. A jeans with bright neon stitching is just the thing for a cool party outfit. You can wear a white shirt and a pair of white sneakers and the unusual outfit look is complete.

This is how women combine jeans with contrast stitching

The ladies also like to access the trend parts. Dark skinny jeans with bright white seams are a great eye-catcher and put your legs skilfully in scene. You can wear a black Longtop and ankle boots with heels and you have already created a cool and very feminine leisure look. Jeans with contrast stitching in a boyfriend style. Add a matching boyfriend blazer and trendy leather shoes or cool boots. Discover the possibilities and miss out on your outfit with eye-catching contrasting seams on the jeans an extravagant character.