The wool coat for men – a classic in the wardrobe

The wool coat for men – a classic in the wardrobe

On wool coat For Men’s is one of the most classic garments that have found their way into wardrobes in the masculine fashion world. The cuts are as varied as the choice of colors. Whether sporty or elegant, with a stand-up collar or lapels, wool coats are offered almost for every occasion. Already the Romans knew each other in antiquity wool coatsalthough the former form resembled a cape. The meaning of the word “cloak” can be derived either from the Old High German “Mantal” or the Latin “Mantelum”, which means something like cover or blanket.

Today, the cuts of the coats are far more creative, as well as the quality of the fabrics. Very popular and indestructible is the traditional duffle coat. As the only men’s coat, he has a hood next to his rather sporty cut. Equally characteristic are the patch pockets and toggle closures for this three-quarter length coat. Many large design companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Daks or Manuel Ritz always like to draw on variations of this classic, especially in their winter collections.

Timeless and elegant: the wool coat for men

The timeless elegance of the masculine woolen coat is also reflected in its colors. Here dominate black, a dark blue, gray or beige tones.

That makes them an absolute must-have in terms of their possible combinations. Combined with a matching classic or extravagant colorful or patterned scarf these garments are not only extremely dressy, but real eye-catchers. In length, the coat is very variable. It is offered as a short jacket as well as in long variations. High-quality woolen fabrics such as new wool or various wool-blend variants also ensure that especially in the cold season an extreme wearing comfort is guaranteed and man warmly wrapped.

In addition to the duffle coat and the Caban coat is one of the most worn models in men who appreciate rather sporty maritime variants of the woolen coat. It was originally designed for Breton fishermen and still today is a uniform for both the American and German navies. This short coat is buttoned double-breasted and has wide lapels, which can be additionally closed up to the neck. In the fashion world, he enjoys especially with younger men of great popularity.