Monday , 11 September 2023
Denim shirts for men

Denim shirts for men

The denim shirts Now celebrate their brilliant comeback in men’s fashion. The characteristic casual shirts from the eighties are back and the stronger and more varied than ever before. Revised and visually adapted to the new millennium, brands such as Levi’s, Lee, Nudie or even review what is currently in fashion for denimwear.

One thing is clear, the modern image of men has meanwhile evolved. Real guys are in demand today more than ever and are back in fashion – in real life as well as in fashion. This is clear at the latest since the flannel shirts have fought back in the woodcut in the men’s wardrobes. Man (n) returns fashionably to the origins and roots. Of course, the cool ones are allowed as well denim shirts not missing. Today, however, not only big-city cowboys count on trendy casual shirts. Musicians, actors and artists act as true trendsetters and help to bring the characteristic outerwear to new fame.

Denim shirts – cool combination wonder and strong statement

Then as now, denim shirts feature distinctive accents and practical details. A slightly waisted or even straight cut along with the special shoulder saddle, the turn-over collar, the asymmetrical pockets and the typical snaps to the absolute key piece of any look. With the men’s shirts made of lightweight denim, every outfit gets a rough, masculine and daredevil touch.

Despite the hype about the denim shirts, the right styling of the it-pieces should not be neglected. They are clearly the perfect counterpart to the equally fashionable men’s jeans. However, care should be taken with this combination that shirt and pants have different washes. A bright top in vintage look and slim-fit jeans made of raw denim look particularly authentic. Under the shirt you can show a little color. Best in the form of a buttoned-up Serafinoshirt or a V-neck T-shirt. A strong shade of red provides exciting contrasts here. Also to the now so trendy chinos the denim shirts fit like a fist on the eye. This is best combined with:

  • A gray-laced shirt with V-neck,
  • a few old-school sneakers
  • and a brown wide leather belt in a used look.