Tuesday , 5 September 2023
Shoes by Toms: A must-have for the women’s shoe cabinet

Shoes by Toms: A must-have for the women’s shoe cabinet

Shoes by Toms

Tom’s shoes are comfortable, trendy and colorful. The company orients itself to Argentine espadrilles and breathes new life into them with fresh ideas. The result is a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear that, above all, can be well integrated into everyday wear.

Innovative design meets social responsibility

The brand was founded by Blake Mycoskie. While traveling, he discovered that many children in Argentina did not have shoes. Then he developed the first shoe models and donated with each sold copy a fixed amount to the children in Argentina. The label quickly became successful and today donates to over 70 countries around the world. But not only the social commitment makes Tom’s shoes a meaningful investment. In addition, you can look forward to innovative designs and a high level of comfort.

Men are stylish with Tom’s shoes

The men are all about espadrilles. The traditional shoes get a modern sporty look and inspire with numerous patterns and colors. They are the perfect combo partners for airy shorts and basic shirts. Shoes by Toms but can also be easily combined with jeans or swim shorts. There are also comfortable sneakers that are just right for cool city outfits. The lightweight sneakers are presented in fresh trend colors and go well with chinos, hoodie and baseball cap. Also as a training companion they come into question.

The ladies shoes from Toms also often show in the typical Espadrilles shape. In addition to sporty models, the brand offers a range of feminine designs. Delicate crochet look or fine woven patterns give the shoes a romantic look and make them good combination partners for dresses and skirts. When it gets really hot, you can also grab the label’s stylish sandals. They are also available with wedge heel, so you can visually stretch your legs. Because of the natural and folkloristic look you can Tom’s shoes blend well with the ethnic style or the hip hippie look