Wednesday , 13 September 2023
Knee-length wedding dresses for a fairytale wedding

Knee-length wedding dresses for a fairytale wedding

Not every woman wants to wear a floor-length outfit on her big day. More and more ladies are using knee-length bridal dresses instead. These look modern and youthful and are also great for weddings in the summer.

Brides looking for a romantic look are well advised to wear a lace-trimmed wedding dress with lace. Even fine embroidery adds to the romantic flair. You can wear a pair of strappy heels and open hair. A sparkling diadem crowns the outfit. Very playful, yet festive-elegant, knee-length wedding dresses with tulle skirt show. Narrow Ballerinas fit in a beautiful metallic tone.

Create a classic wedding outfit with knee-length bridal gowns

A traditional look works for you when you decide on a knee-length bridal gown with corset and flared A-line skirt. These models are usually off the shoulder and conjure up a slim waist and a luscious décolleté. That’s why they should be combined with a bolero or a stole at the county office and in the church.

Marry in a different way – in trendy fashion style

Fashion-conscious ladies who like to go with the trend and want to risk something at their wedding can also opt for an extravagant knee-length bridal gown. For example, dresses come with a trendy Vokuhila hem or a seductive back neckline. You can also catch everyone’s eye with trend-setting cut-outs on the shoulders, arms or hips. These models can be personalized with the appropriate accessories and a pair of fashionable shoes. Best of all: such a knee-length bridal gown can still be worn after the wedding.