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Maxi Dresses Winter 2019

Maxi Dresses Winter 2019

Elegant maxi dresses online

Maxi Dresses are among the eternal trend pieces. Not because they are always in vogue, but because they keep coming in trend, they should be an integral part of every wardrobe. That the long dresses always come back in fashion is safe, because they are part of the eternal change between the trends. So follows a period of short dresses and skirts, always a counter-movement of the long Maxi Dresses,

Maxi dresses and 70's romance

Maxi Dresses Of course, they are not inventions of the 20th century. Women have been shrewdly wrapped in long cloth since the Middle Ages. From Biedermeier to the beginning of the last century, long dresses and skirts were essential for women's fashion. However, only when the clothes became really "commercially" commercial and women were free to choose their clothes, could one talk about the oversized dresses and skirts as a trend. And so it came in the end, that Maxi Dresses after the women's movement came the first real time in fashion.

Beautiful maxi dresses and miniskirts

Maxi dresses replaced the miniskirts in their supremacy in the mid to late 1960s and already formed the style of the coming decade in their countertrend. Because with the 1970s and the anti-war or hippie movement were the Maxi Dresses hip. From now on, they have been associated with the romance, freedom and lightheartedness of the 70s, and in this context they are constantly being reissued by brands such as Esprit Collection, Jake * s or Marc Cain Collection.

Because as it once happened to the miniskirts, so did the maxi dresses. With the 80s, they disappeared from the scene and came only in the early 90s in the form of a new wave of romance back on the catwalks and are now in a modified form from season to season sometimes more or less prominently traded as a trend. A special form of this long cut is the Laura Ashley dress. This dress combines many stylistic elements that occur in Maxi dresses in a modified form. This includes:

  • Flower pattern in different forms
  • Flounces on the neckline or neckline or hem
  • light summer materials

When styling long dresses have the advantage that they suddenly make a complete outfit. Not even jewelery is needed, so the look looks attracted. Anything else, such as a light silk scarf or a knit bolero, are nice additions, but do not force you to be agile. The ladies bag is based on the style of the dress. Is this maxi hippieresk and romantic should also be the bag, but to restrain in the pattern, because too many prints can quickly seem overloaded.

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are indisputably the must-haves for a romantic and playful style. Hardly any garment comes along with such style-strength and is at the same time so simple and simple in its idea. Try it out and order maxi dresses online.