Wednesday , 13 September 2023
High waist jeans style ideas

High waist jeans style ideas

High waist jeans enjoying not by some fashion ‘ sense, but if they are worn properly, these pants really give great satisfaction. Just combine a couple of high-voltage jeans that look great on you with other clothes that makes your waist look harder out and your legs longer.

1 Try a long shirt behind and short cutting edge. To get the most out of this feature if you wear high waist jeans, make sure that the front of the shirt reaches your waist, while the back falls under your bottom. If the front of the shirt reaches the waist or just below, the belt and the entire length of jeans left so that the legs appear longer and body shapes will be balanced. By allowing the back of the shirt to go under your seat covers you curves a bit. Therefore, this may be the perfect choice for a woman who wants to show off her waist and hips and hide in the ground.

2 Choose a wide and soft shirt. With high-voltage jeans, you don’t need to carry a card that leaves your stomach uncovered. If you select a longer piece of clothing, it is better to choose a soft blouse that glides along the body. These models look great with high midjade skinny jeans. The contrast between those tight pants and the wider the shirt will create a perfect balance. Other possibilities are gypsyblusarna, soft blouses and tunic . The big shirts are good even if you prefer a more casual look. No matter what top you choose, it is important that it is neat on the shoulders and torso and softer on the body’s centerline. Oversized shirts does not work just as well. 4 Knit a broad t-shirt. If you decide to wear a sized shirt, you can tie the bottom. This ensures the life of jeans and your curves will be highlighted in a discreet but effective manner. This technique also works well with certain types of botton-down shirts, especially the more casual, as Plaid or denims. In addition, there are some fashion houses that make models made specifically to be tied at the front.

3 Use botton-down blouses and sweaters. To create a more sophisticated look, choose a nice blouse or a botton down shirt and drop it in your jeans. If you match a chic blouse becomes automatically look more elegant and structured. By putting it in your pants will waist look thinner and you will not lose the typical feminine touches such as high-voltage jeans gives to your figure.