Saturday , 9 September 2023
How to wear white jeans

How to wear white jeans

White jeans always comes back into fashion, and they are a good choice if you want to try something different than usual. They are also perfect for hot weather since white reflects the heat better. To have white jeans are pretty simple, and this article will help you make the best way.

Method 1

Select action: Use white jeans of the right size. White has the defect that highlight when a garment not dress well, so it is important that you choose the white jeans that you stockings with a brush. To choose not to rely on storlekenumret, but try your pants before you purchase them; if they appear too large or too tight, buy them, because when they get worn, they are not good and will highlight the shortcomings.

Method 2

Add other heads : Choose a sweater or a shirt. Wearing a sweater or shirt of any color as long as it is not white. You can choose a garment in a solid color, striped or with writing or pictures. It doesn’t have to be done, even a dark shirt is good. Try using fluorescent colors-they will be as shiny as your pants! Try a light-colored shirt with beads or a Hawaiian shirt. Perfect! Unlike trousers, sweaters and shirts be slick or loose. Use the one that best enhances your bust!

Method 3

Add accessories: Try combining stick, shoes and accessories to get a consistent look. Color is the most important! 2 If you wear a belt, take a colored that contrasts with the white jeans. 3 Select shoes. The selection of shoes is the fun part. You can wear boots, flat shoes, sneakers, everything. It all depends on your style. All colors are good, even white (this looks like your legs are longer, so it might be a good idea if you want to see any more).

Method 4

Evaluate the look once dressed: Look in the mirror before you leave. There is nothing worse than a perfect suit was ruined by the fact that past passengers can see the color of your trainer.