Friday , 1 September 2023
Linen blouses for everyday wear

Linen blouses for everyday wear

you are debonair and especially in the summer, they provide for a light and airy feel: Linen blouses accompany you even at high temperatures in your professional life and in your free time. The fibers of the linen blouse are smooth, so that the top is not only lint-free, but also stays fresh and clean longer.

The special of a linen blouse

Linen fabric is almost antistatic – even when rubbed the fabric does not load. The material absorbs up to 35 percent humidity, but can also release it quickly. By this effect Linen blouses even have a cooling effect in summer, In winter, however, linen clothing has a warming effect.

All-round linen: Blusentop & Co. for everyday office life

The fabric is extremely tear-resistant, on the other hand hardly elastic and therefore tends to wrinkle. Even when ironing creases in the linen blouse are never to be avoided 100%, so they are considered chic in these blouses. A saying goes: Linen wrinkles noble, That is why blouses and blouse tops are made of linen despite creases easily suitable for the job, They look stylish and at the same time relaxed and depending on the dress code they can be combined to a dark jeans, a trousers or a pencil skirt. The classic for the job is certainly the linen blouse in white, which is upgraded with discreet jewelry.

Linen blouses are ideal for casual looks. On the one hand you work with such a blouse always well dressedOn the other hand, the lightweight material does not narrow, does not make you sweat and also You do not have to worry about wrinkles, In the summer, for example, grab short-sleeved linen blouses in bright colors such as bright yellow or fresh coral. In combination with a white linen trousers arises like this colorful look for the hot season, Stripes, plaids, floral patterns and playful details such as pompoms, appliqués, embroidery and decorative stones will make any lady choose their favorite linen blouse. In addition to the classic long-sleeved shirt blouses, the long linen blouses in tunic style, but also sleeveless models and trendy off shoulder models are in demand.