Monday , 4 September 2023
Fashion for Young – casual combined with street wear

Fashion for Young – casual combined with street wear

Young fashion

The good first impression is the driving force behind this fashionable flow. Young fashion wants to serve the expression of one’s own personality, to reflect the character authentically and at the same time confidently outwardly. Variety and a certain coolness are the nuts and bolts of Young Fashion. Asymmetric cuts, patterns, bright colors and a high-contrast mix of different tones characterize the styling. Also combines the Young fashion like opposing materials and styles to highlight the individuality of the outfit. Soft flowing tulle skirts, for example, come together with robust leather jackets and print shirts. Simple basic parts meet eye-catching models with allover prints. Denim wear with jeans and denim jackets as well as vintage-inspired garments also play a major role in terms of freedom of combination. With a variety of cuts ranging from skinny to bootcut to a casual boyfriend, Only Jeans, G-Star Raw and Co. fashion partners are the perfect match for your style. Just as firmly integrated into the young fashion are accessories. Tube scarves as well as pockets with appliqués or rivets decorate the outfit.

Young fashion: casual combined with street wear

Urban shows the young fashion under the sign of streetwear. The outfit may seem a bit sporty or even playful. Above all, however, is the casualness and authenticity typical of Young Fashion. Popular combination pieces like tank tops or review T-shirts have one of these claims. Loosely cut – like a little longer – with retro-style prints in vintage style, wide straps and wrestling back sporty accents. Sweatshirts and hoodies are also part of Young Fashion. The feminine outfit combines cute motifs such as hearts or flowers with robust decor such as rivets. Sweet blouses in old pink or playful checked pattern find rock-solid leather jackets unexpected Kombipartner. As a result, the young fashion looks girlish and trendy at the same time. The play with contrasts, the mixing of new influences with old-fashioned pieces also applies to the footwear. So the typical canvas sneakers and also the higher cut high tops are combined with jeans as well as the elegant looking dress. Young fashion – expression of a life feeling.