Thursday , 31 August 2023
Winter Parka for Men

Winter Parka for Men

For the fashion conscious Men’s is a cool one parka now indispensable. Originally the rugged ones Jackets designed for the army and used in this area mainly because of their good weather resistance. Soon he found parka but his way into civilian use and an exciting new fashion trend was born. Of the numerous practical features, the parka has hardly lost anything: The models are characterized by their high-quality workmanship and are very robust. Solid cotton or fiber blends contribute to the Jackets wind and water repellent and can therefore be worn in any weather. In addition, stand Men’s many lined variants are simply ideal for icy winter days.

The real distinguishing feature of a Parkas is still the casual look. Most of the jackets are a bit longer and extend to the thighs. Often they are cut a little further, so that a thick sweater fits well underneath. Also in terms of colors, men can look forward to a lot of variety. The dominant color tones are still counted black, Persimmon and brown. But there are also some bright red or blue tones to discover, which give the jackets new momentum.

How to best combine a parka for men

A parka for men generally fits great in your free time. Here he is a good match to a rough pair of jeans as well as a casual chino. If you really want to focus on the outdoor look, you are more likely to opt for a cord or cargo pants. This looks just the best to Boots, which in turn make a good figure to a parka – for a harmonious look would be taken care of here. In the cold season is suitable winter Parka, Gentlemen are allowed to go beyond that Parkas like to carry on the way to work. Here should Men then focus primarily on subtle models that do not look too sporty.

The color black is universal and neutral. In combination with an elegant trousers, the parka gets a completely new style and also looks good for a business outfit. A casual parka – whether a soft knit sweater or a fine shirt – is always a trendy and reliable companion.