Saturday , 23 September 2023
Mens Cargo Pants

Mens Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are the classics among men’s pants. In their original function, they serve as work trousers for policemen, rescue workers or the military. From this area of ​​menswear comes their practical multifunctionality as well as their sporty character, as known from men’s sweat pants. It’s these features that make the pants so interesting for smart styling and the cargo pants to be a loyal companion for outdoor activities.

Cargo pants – outdoor chic for everyday wear

Cargo pants Characterized by their patch pockets and a color world often held in earth tones. The combination of both elements gives the men’s pants their unmistakable safari touch. This image of adventure and outdoor activities is again supported by the cut. The side pockets in the thigh area flatter the figure. They make the hips appear optically narrower and stretch the figure with a slightly flared leg.

Cargo pants are usually made of a cotton fabric, are comfortable, durable and therefore suitable for any adventure. Fashionably, modern cargos deviate from the usual khaki and beige tones. Especially stylish variations are available in bright colors, for example in a fresh orange as well as in trendy patterns.

Incidentally, “cargo” in the German translation means “freight”. The pants were originally intended as cargo pants. The men’s cargo pants have never completely lost this character. That’s why she always looks casual and casual on her wearer – a trait that makes it easy to play styling.

Carry pants – practical and stylish

Cargo pants for men today are much more than mere cargo pants. With fashionable men’s accessories, stylistically contrasting tops such as jackets and business shirts as well as high-cut brogues, the result is a fashionable outfit with an interesting style break. The casual character of the pants comes through the contrast once more to advantage and is not lost. Without further ado, this styling can be interspersed with other types of Cargos, for example also with the following trouser types:

  • Men’s shorts
  • Men’s Capri pants
  • Men’s pleated pants