Women’s Business Trousers in women’s fashion

Women’s Business Trousers in women’s fashion

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Ladies business trousers are something we take for granted in women’s fashion today. These models do not exist for very long. Until the 1950s, it was common for women to wear exclusively dresses and skirts. Women’s trousers became a common piece of clothing only with the emancipation and the increased female advancement in the professional world. That is why, as with men’s suit trousers, female counterparts have emerged, ladies’ business trousers.

Ladies business pants in women’s fashion

Business trousers have long been a male domain – a symbol of power. Although designers such as Paul Poiret and Paquin designed sporty fashion as early as the beginning of the 20th century, it was not until the first wave of emancipation in the 1960s that the women’s trousers became established in broad society. And even that just behave.

Before, it was the Garçonne of the 1920s that drew attention with blazers, business trousers and ties. And even in the 1930s you had to be a rebellious Marlene Dietrich, to go in wide ladies pleated trousers on the street. World War II brought the turn. Women had to work because the men were in the field. So you needed appropriate clothing. After the war, the women’s trousers wandered back into the cupboard and were only taken out again for leisure activities.

However, the more women went into professional life, the more business trousers were worn. But there are still conservative sections that insisted on costume or at least a harmonious pantsuit.

Business pants for ladies in the job

Today, business pants belong to Ladies to the standard look in office floors. They are sometimes even for evening events like Business Dinner, opera visit or even some cocktail reception accepted – it depends on which women’s trousers it is. The different types would be for example:

  • Women’s jeans (casual, but partially accepted in offices without dress code)
  • classic black pants (ideal in pantsuit)
  • Ladies Chinos (casually, but as well as in men’s fashion)
  • Pleated trousers (also ideal as Marlene trousers)

Especially in everyday business it is wise to combine. So lie Ladies with dark, black or gray, woolen or cotton women business pants always right. Too short or extravagant cuts are rarely used in classic office fashion. Less is more, this is the credo. You can visually attract attention with quality, impeccable cuts and high-quality accents. But of course color is also a possibility – as long as there are no screaming neon colors, of course.