Outdoor Winter Coat

Outdoor Winter Coat

Outdoor jacket

As the saying goes? Bad weather does not exist, there are only wrong clothes. Whether in the icy winter, on fresh spring evenings or on cool autumn days – with a high-quality outdoor coat you are well dressed even in wind and weather.

Why outdoor jackets are so practical

In contrast to short jackets, an outdoor coat protects not only the upper but also the lower body. Ideally, it is windproof or wind-repellent, but at the same time also breathable. The moisture transport works optimally, so that the wearer does not start to sweat. On the other hand, high-quality outdoor jackets protect against external moisture, so they also fulfill their purpose in snow and rain. Outdoor jackets and parkas are not only practical, they can also be extremely fashionable. Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose between different cuts, colors, materials and styles, so that there is the right model for everyone.

Find the outdoor jacket that suits you

A high wearing comfort as well as a good heat performance offer classic wool coats, which are perfect for cool autumn days. On particularly stormy days, on the other hand, softshell coats come into consideration, which are usually both windproof and breathable. In damp, rainy weather, it is best to use a waterproof raincoat with a practical hood. If the winter has already arrived, lined outdoor jackets, which convince with a particularly high thermal output and like to be equipped with a cuddly fur collar, are recommended.