Leather Jackets with Hood

Leather Jackets with Hood

Leather jackets with hood

They are the perfect symbiosis of cool biker style and casual street look: the Leather jackets with hood, They give every outfit a trendy touch and can be combined with various looks. They match both the casual used-jeans and the airy summer dress.

Suitable for the own style of any trendsetter

For feminine looks is the fitted Leather jacket with hood ideal. Because of her casual charisma, she loosens the outfits skillfully. Leggings, denim skirts and oversize shirts are perfect combination partners. Ladies who like it more natural, can be too cool Leather jackets with hood in suede look. Playful fringes give the designs the finishing touch. Quite sporty and casual are straight-cut hooded jackets made of leather. Sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans are perfect for a relaxed streetwear look. You can choose between smooth and suede variants. In addition, there is a wide selection of different colors. Very rocking and classic look models in black. Brown shades are characterized by versatile combination options. If you want to cause a stir, you can make a real fashion statement with a green or red leather jacket.

Hooded leather jackets for the trend-conscious man

The men also like it casual and increasingly resort to jackets made of leather with a hood. For example, bomber jacket-style models are popular. The rubber hem on the waistband and on the sleeves blends perfectly with the relaxed vibe the hood sends out. You can wear the trendy lace-up boots and casual chinos. Also in great demand are leather jackets, which come along in the typical biker style. Here, the hood is usually in the form of a sewn sweatshirt available, so that a successful mix of rocker style and leisure look is created. This contrast becomes particularly clear when the hood is in a different color.