Saturday , 30 September 2023
Knitted Sweater Womens

Knitted Sweater Womens

In men’s fashion and in women’s fashion, knit sweaters are part of the garments with a long history. Over the centuries of costume history, typical knit patterns and true fashion classics have evolved in different cultures that must not be missing in any wardrobe. These include – just to name a few – about the following knit sweaters:

  • The Irish Aran pullover (a plain-colored representative with meaningful “zig-zag” patterns)
  • The Fleur de Lay-Sweater (a typical winter pullover with the royal lily design)
  • The Norwegian Sweater (the Nordic classic with a different snowflake design)

Furthermore, only folkloric or traditional costumes offer a wide range of knit variations for knit sweaters and cardigans. In addition to the above examples, the indigo-inspired Ikat pattern, the colorful striped Missoni design or the simple pigtail knit of an English cricket or tennis pullover should be mentioned. A wide selection for knit sweaters.

Knitted pullover for office and leisure

Of course, with such diversity, there are also stylistic differences that relate to the design, material or workmanship of the same. So I note that primarily plain pullovers and sweat jackets in restrained colors are suitable for the office, if they also have a particularly fine knitting pattern or a delicate knitting technique. Comes with a particularly noble material such as cashmere sweater is ideal for everyday business.

However, if the pattern of the knit sweater is more eye-catching and the colors are more colorful, the sweaters are especially suitable for the leisure sector – although there are once again seasonal differences. While in winter, blue-and-white combinations, dark colors and winter patterns such as snowflakes or even fir motifs predominate, especially in sports or on vacation, light colors and colorful patterns make up the summer knit.

Regardless of winter or summer, it is always worthwhile to have different sweaters in the closet. A few fine plain V-neck Junpers in blue, black, gray by Christian Berg Men or Christian Berg Women, Jake * s or Montego are as much a part of it as a college sweater from a fashion brand like Tommy Hilfiger or Polo Ralph Lauren for the leisure sector as well as a Norwegian sweater for the deep winter. Later you can expand this with further colors and patterns. However, you have the most important knit sweater for everyday wear already in the wardrobe.