Saturday , 30 September 2023


Modern elegance and a withdrawn chic characterize the fashion of Christian Berg Women out. In the collections you look forward to feminine eye-catchers, which are always portable and suitable for everyday use.

With the fashion line Christian Berg Women The designers of the brand are aimed at all fashion-conscious ladies. They should feel comfortable in the individual garments and be able to show their feminine side. As a result, you will find many skirts and dresses in the collections that beautifully accentuate feminine curves. The garments always look elegant and never too intrusive. It is that timeless classic that is the fashion of Christian Berg Women are special. For example, look for a slim hat or a slightly flared wrap dress and set it on an absolute all-rounder. In the office, in the evening or at leisure, these fashionable highlights are easily portable.

Christian Berg Women: Basic tops and eye-catchers

Under the tops of Christian Berg For example, women will find many blouses with short or long sleeves at their disposal. These are usually cut slightly waisted and offer a high wearing comfort. In the colors dominate subtle nuances such as white, taupe or beige. Fresh pastel shades emphasize the feminine character of the garments. If you like it a bit more conspicuous, look no further than Christian Berg Women's patterned blouses or shirts with a cowl neckline. They are perfect for combining with trousers and fine skirts – and in their spare time they match jeans and shorts.

Blazer and pants by Christian Berg Women

Cloth pants by Christian Berg Women are available in many different shades. The cuts are usually narrow and straight, so that the figure gently plays around and is at the same time slightly emphasized. The johns, chinos and 7/8 trousers are therefore suitable for a variety of occasions. With a colorful top they unfold their casual character, paired with blouses and noble shirts they look chic and serious. For a day in the office then a light Blazer serves as a supplement. On the colder days of the year, it also makes sense to use short coats or a parka made of shimmering materials as a combination partner. Thanks to the withdrawn designs, you can easily integrate the highlights of Christian Berg Women into your wardrobe.