Saturday , 30 September 2023
Ruffle Blouse

Ruffle Blouse

The Ruffle Blouse has a long tradition in fashion history and offers versatile styling possibilities in everyday life and on special occasions. The ruffled applications will give your outfit a playful and romantic touch.

Already in the Renaissance shirts were decorated with lush ruffles. Since then, the fashion has been interpreting small lace ruffles and large flounces in different ways on different pieces of clothing, including shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses. Characteristic of ruffles is their ruffled structure. On blouses, the wavy strips of fabric or lace usually sit on the neckline, on the sleeves or on the hem. In addition to the typical ruffled blouses in light shades such as white and pink, there are also elegant plain creations in dark colors as well as checkered, dotted and patterned models for casual looks.

Style the ruffle blouse for everyday wear and leisure

ruffled blouses can be combined for everyday life as well as for special occasions. So they fit to a pair of jeans as well as a chic trousers. In combination with a blazer and pumps, they are the perfect companion to the office. With an elegant skirt and high heels, create a stylish outfit to go out. In summer, light sandals and swinging skirts harmonize with short-sleeved blouses with ruffles. In everyday office life, you can turn to simple models, while extravagant and eye-catching ruffled blouses make for the perfect appearance during your free time.