Thursday , 14 September 2023
Blue Hats for women – To combine a hat in blue magically

Blue Hats for women – To combine a hat in blue magically

A hat in blue: a practical companion in a graceful style

A hat in blue is indispensable for a woman who loves something special. Not for nothing does the English queen never show herself without a hat. And it is no coincidence that cultivated ladies also wear a hat on the racecourse in this country. The variety of hat creations can be admired not only in Ascot, but also at the German Derby. A sun hat – for example, a straw hat – framed the face and hairstyle of a lady. So it looks even more interesting and full of grace. Thus, a lady’s hat in blue fulfills not only an aesthetic purpose, but also a practical one. He protects the ladies from the sun. Especially on hot days, when there is little shade, such a hat pays off. Hats are available in all sorts of colors. A hat in blue exudes a special charm, because blue is considered the favorite color of many people. This is because we perceive the color so often in our everyday lives. The sky, the sea, flowers – and even in art, blue is one of the most commonly used colors.

Wearing a hat in blue is not commonplace these days. That’s why a lady whose head stylishly adorns a blue summer hat takes care of admiring glances. In addition, a beautiful hat in blue completes the outfit of a lady. Anyone who has worn a hat in blue to a chic dress, would not want to do without it.

To combine a hat in blue magically

Who wants to buy a hat in blue with matching evening wear, should value the quality. Only with good workmanship does a hat get its perfect fit. How about a navy blue cotton hat in a chic bell shape, for example from Barbour? A cocktail dress with sequin and pearl trim by Niente and pretty pumps made of glittering material by Menbur fit perfectly. A clutch with a shiny metallic surface, for example by Abro and a silver stole complete the picture.

The same hat is also suitable for a chic business look. The hat in blue can be combined with a satin blazer by BOSS Black in pigeon. Together with a navy skirt with a straight cut like that of MORE & MORE, there is nothing standing in the way of a sovereign appearance at the work meeting.