Sunday , 10 September 2023


Ladies jeans in size 28

It is a true classic, with which you can style the most different outfit variants. In size 28 You'll always find the latest women's jeans: Discover casual boyfriend jeans, figure-hugging skinny jeans and cool flats in the style of the 70s.

With a jeans size of 28 you do not have to worry about your figure: you have every model. Classics are women's jeans with a straight leg, which look good even in the office in subtle colors such as gray, black or deep dark blue.

Casual styles with women's jeans for leisure

Are you looking for relaxed looks where you can enjoy your weekend? For example, you can slim your skinny jeans with a skinny-cut women's jeans size Skillfully stage 28 legs and create exciting outfits. For example, a black model is suitable for a rocking outfit. This flannel shirt, biker jacket and lace-up boots fit. A blue model with a light wash is ideal for a relaxed street look. Just combine a wide-cut top and comfortable sneakers. The boyfriend jeans are also perfect for a casual look.

Retro trends with a ladies jeans in size 28

If you fancy a little retro flair, just grab one of the Jeans in size 28 with high waist waistband. This conjures up a slim waist and a very feminine silhouette. Blouse or top are of course put in the pants. A pair of high heels make the look perfect. Even ladies jeans with punch are back in fashion. Wear cool suede moccasins and a patterned blouse.