Tuesday , 26 September 2023
Blue Boleros –  trendy all year round

Blue Boleros – trendy all year round

With a bolero in blue women score great looks all year round. The color is the real highlight of the short jacket: Blue is not only among the absolute classics in the colors, but is also very diverse. Navy or dark blue muted nuances are ideal for more rigorous looks and with a deep summer blue or a rich turquoise, casual outfits are just glorious. A bolero in blue in soft pastel shades also looks great at festive events and is also perfectly wearable in the office. Who is interested in a bolero in blue and looking for a real all-rounder, is well advised with a model in marine. This color is generally very changeable and can therefore be combined again and again. On warm summer days, ladies simply wear their short-sleeved bolero jacket over a sleeveless dress and set great accents. In addition, it is advisable to choose a cardigan in royal blue. This color is very eye-catching and can be combined especially well with white clothes. Ladies who are looking for a matching jacket for a balmy summer evening, for example, are well advised with a long-sleeve bolero jacket.

Bolero in blue – modern shades for exciting styling

For the office and leisure, a bolero jacket in royal blue is also highly recommended. This nuance has a very neutral undertone and therefore flatters both light and darker skin types. With such a bolero in blue white blouses and tunics can be upgraded great and one or the other exclusive color accent is certain. A short jacket may, however, also come along a little sporty. For this purpose, ladies will find a Bolero in blue in many bright shades. Pastel shades such as lavender predominate here, and a delicate baby blue is found, for example, in numerous spring collections. This bolero in blue can be styled into feminine outfits by women or with beautiful colors. For this purpose, the trend of color blocking is an interesting tip: Who decides to have a bolero in blue in a delicate shade, emphasizes this by the combination of a strong red or a rich green optimally. In addition, it pays to rely on the jewelery for golden jewelery and bring so shine into your own outfit.