Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans

Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans

Levi's® 501

You are looking for a pair of pants that you can combine in everyday life and in your free time to the various looks? Then you are in the right place with the classic Levi's®, the 501. The traditional brand focuses on the processing and quality of the materials. The iconic jeans model 501 stands for a straight look that allows many styles.

The selection of Levi's® 501 models is diverse and offers you the opportunity to always find something suitable for yourself. Both women's and men's classic trousers with the typical, dark blue denim tone. In this deep dark blue but also in black, the pants fit particularly well to eye-catching tops, such as a colorful plaid shirt for men or a colored leather jacket for the ladies. Add an eye-catching retro sunglasses or a gaudy handbag, and the outfit for a stroll through the city or the restaurant.

Style the classic hip – modern variants of the 501 from Levi's®

If you want to attract more attention, you can fall back on the different washes of the Levi's® 501 model. In men with slightly tanned skin, the white models look particularly good. Combined with light blue shirts and a casual straw hat, the outfit radiates a maritime flair. Even the jeans in very light ablutions look very summery and can be casually combined with the trendy oversize tank tops. Ladies do not go out of their way in the large selection, but can realize trendy outfits, for example with Destroyed look models that are perfect for high leather booties. With pumps, chic blouse and blazer you can 501 even in the office wear. Other variants in the form of hot pants and shorts are made for leisure travel and make next to comfort for a sexy appearance to airy tunic with flower print or bandeau top. Because of the high quality Levi's® Jeans you will enjoy your 501 many years.