Monday , 18 September 2023
Skinny jeans for men and women

Skinny jeans for men and women

skinny jeans are the essential must-haves for a sexy to casual outfit. Among other things, they are a key element of the slim fit trend and determine the look with their strikingly tight leg. But aside from all current trends, the skinny jeans, as this denim jeans type is also called, are an important element of casual urban looks for women as well as dependent on ablution and further refinement of different music-fashion styles. This changeability is that which the skinny jeans makes you so popular.

Who on skinny jeans thinks of being the first to associate a certain rocking chic with the particularly tight pants. And from a historical point of view, that’s not even wrong. The skinny jeans were developed like almost all denim models in the USA. There, men’s jeans such as women’s jeans have always been worn closer than is the case in Europe. With the rise of glam rock, the punk movement, the heavy metal and hard rock scene in the 1970s, the tight cuts fashion came in fashion as the skinny jeans.

Propelled and sexualized by the rock stars of that time, the skinny jeans of fashion brands like Levi’s or Lee also quickly became popular in the mainstream of youth cultures and still are today. The reason for this is the body-conscious seat, which should underline the attractiveness of both men and women – a characteristic that is always liked by pop stars and icons like:

  • Pink Floyd
  • Queen
  • Guns ‘n’ Roses
  • or Tokio Hotel was used.

Today the skinny jeans is almost a basic. Only through the combination with other stylistic garments such as denim shirt, denim jackets, leather jackets, tank tops or even capes their style is manifested. A more pointed version and a true classic is the carrot jeans. She was the skinny jeansthat shaped the 1980s and stylistically sustainable.

Carrots cut in skinny jeans

The carrot cut is very similar to the skinny jeans. Only the high waistband and a little more seat at the height of the thigh are different. Otherwise, the carrot jeans are also tightly cut and are characterized by their conical – ie towards the simmering – tapering cut. This type of jeans was then very popular with Poppern, the elitist Preppy variant of the 80s. However, with the end of the decade this style was soon replaced by the wide fit of the baggy jeans and the skinny jeans disappeared at least from the men’s fashion until the early 2000s.

While the tight jeans in the women’s fashion survived, they came in the beginning of the new millennium in the men’s fashion back into fashion. Since then, skinny jeans have been accepted in both men’s and women’s as well as recurring trend Pirece.