How to wear a leather jacket

How to wear a leather jacket

If you’re looking to add some extra edge to your look, to show the world who’s the boss, then there is no article of clothing that is more appropriate than a black leather jacket.

For a TIMELESS style, pair black leather with a new white or black t-shirt and you’re at home. A classic bikerjacka is always a good investment that will pay off over time. Just look at the icons that have borne it with time, from Marlon Brando in The wild one, Tom cruise in Top Gun to John Travoltas classic character Danny Zuko in the movie Grease.


There are not many style puzzles that can’t be solved with a pair of skinny black jeans and this is no exception. Be sure to buy a pair of stretch and top this with a couple of classic Chelsea boots.


A pair of black wayfarer will match your timeless leather jacket is perfect and when it comes to jewelry, we prefer a discreet exclusive black bracelet.