Long Denim Jackets

Long Denim Jackets

Jean Jackets stand like any denim product for robust qualities, freedom and style. The once simple cotton fabric has over time managed to emancipate itself from the work clothes and to work up the social ladder. Like the jeans, the jean shorts and the denim shirts, the jackets have become established in men's fashion as well as in women's fashion. Many a designer has even specialized in the so-called blue gold and understands himself as trend competence in the subject of denim and Jean Jackets,

Denim jackets then and now

From the 1950s, denim becomes part of youth fashion. Pants like Jean Jackets became a protest symbol against authority and tradition. Raw denim jackets were then individualized with rivets, fringes and patches – a look that was later adopted by gangs and rock groups. From the 1970s were Jean Jackets and pants suitable for masses and even older students dared to wear jeans. Suddenly denim jackets were offered in every imaginable color, quality and stylistic variation. The classic denim designs that have lasted until today are:

  • Raw denim (the classic, a monochrome blue denim)
  • Bleached (the light, a bleached, very bright material originating in the 80s)
  • Stone Washed (the vintage representative, a stone washed, artificially roughened fabric)
  • Used look (the worn one, thanks to sandblasters even more worn than the washing with stones)

Denim jackets age with

A special feature of the denim fashion – and thus the denim jackets – is the relationship between the garments their wearers. While other textiles are scrapped when they are overly worn, this condition is more desirable to true denim lovers. The reason for this lies in the properties of the early, blue cotton fabric.

This was so strong and sometimes uncomfortable that you had to register everything you had made of it first and wash it a few times before it sat really well and above all was comfortable. Teenagers in the past accelerated this process by putting on their jeans with rivets and getting into the bath or even washing with stones – hence the name "Stone washed". Denim pants and denim jackets were allowed to look registered and used with their bleached areas and worn seams, it was a sign that they are finally comfortable and that you have lived through a lot with them.

Today, such tortures are no longer necessary. Denim jackets and other cotton garments are made in the finest quality so you can even get the used looks off the rack today. Even personal customizing has taken a backseat, as denim jackets are offered season after season in all imaginable colors, lengths, cuts, with and without rivets as well as many other detailed solutions. The fashion industry and established brands like Diesel, G-Star Raw or the classic Levi's have just embarked on a world of Jean Jackets,