Saturday , 7 October 2023
Ragwear Women’s Jackets – casual, high quality and absolutely hip

Ragwear Women’s Jackets – casual, high quality and absolutely hip

Uncomplicated, modern and fresh: these are the styles of ragwear, The streetwear of the label founded in the 90s is geared to iconic skater looks and mixes them with individual designs and stylish functionality.

Imagine a relaxing evening with your friends, sitting outside together, laughter, music – a unique sense of freedom and lightheartedness – or a spontaneous city trip, colorful shops, exciting places, trendy restaurants – experience the urban culture up close. It is precisely this modern lifestyle that is the fashion of ragwear distinguished. The label was founded in Wiesbaden, Germany, and is now based in Prague, from where the visions of hip streetwear are realized. Inspired by the skater scene, the designers of the young label combine casual trends with high-quality materials. It is not only about a particularly high wearing comfort, but also on sustainability and fair trade. This proves ragwear with his “Organic Collections”.

Score with simplicity

In the women’s section, the casual skater style dominates with playful prints and trendy colors. The motto is: less is more. The cuts are figure-hugging but not skinny. The patterns are feminine but not too intrusive. Instead of glitter and glamor, Ragwear relies on restrained applications and subtle eye-catchers. The range consists of many basics such as cuddly hoodies, parkas, tops or shirts that give any outfit a sporty touch.

Ragwear: the streetwear for men

Ragwear also offers a large selection of casual clothing for men. The design focuses on large graphic patterns and a masculine color palette. Especially jackets (to the Ragwear jackets) and sweaters are characterized by a super comfortable seat and practical elements such as pockets or hoods. Eye-catching zippers, asymmetrical shapes or button-facing serve as charming eye-catchers. Combine the Streetwear tops just the way you want them. They fit for example to shorts, jeans or even very well to the jogging pants. No matter what you choose, a cool performance with Ragwear is definitely guaranteed.