Saturday , 26 August 2023
Zipped T-shirts trendy nowadays

Zipped T-shirts trendy nowadays

A trendy zipper can skilfully enhance basic parts like T-shirts. The striking closure gives the plain tops that certain something and is also very practical, as the dressing and undressing is significantly easier.

T-shirts with zippers are available in many different versions. As a rule, the closure is located at the neckline, either at the front or at the back. This also tops with a very tight neckline or turtleneck can be easily put on and taken off. In addition, there are many models that are provided with a decorative zipper, for example on the chest or on the side. For rocking looks or urban styles, these shirts are ideal.

Zipped T-shirts for men

The casual parts can be well integrated into the men’s leisure fashion. For example, they harmonize with used-look jeans and sneakers, but they also go well with comfortable chinos. The zipper can be color coordinated with the shirt or set a successful contrast. In bright neon colors, but also in the classic silver or gold, they are very popular.

Ladies T-shirts: models with zippers

Even the ladies can look forward to these trendy tops. Waisted T-shirts, wide oversize variants or those with collar are available in many appealing colors to choose from. In addition to many plain-colored models, there are also patterned shirts with classic checks or colorful floral prints. In summer you can wear the casual tops to shorts or a wide summer skirt. On colder days, they can be wonderfully combined with warm cardigans or casual denim jackets. extra-long T-shirts with zippers At the side are the perfect combo partners for leggings or skinny jeans. A bold and youthful look, you can realize if you wear the zipper open.