Friday , 22 September 2023
Solid ties: varied and mysterious

Solid ties: varied and mysterious

They are still among the most popular and classic men’s accessories: the plain colors Ties, The monochrome offers a large scope for combination options. Whether you need a chic tie for a social event or just an everyday model for the office, there’s something for you in this huge assortment.

Monochrome, but not monotonous

Solid ties do not have to be boring. On the contrary, the manufacturers can come up with a lot to give the chic accessories a noble touch. Slightly shimmering models made of pure silk, for example, are always a successful eye-catcher, which skillfully peps up your look. Delicate textured patterns are also very popular and give the plain tie the certain something. When it comes to colors, you are spoiled for choice. If the suit is kept relatively simple, you can grab the tie in the color pot and put a chic accent with a pink or purple model, for example. Real classics that always fit are Ties in blue, beige or dark gray. The black or white model is reserved for very special occasions.

The trendy accessories are made of many different materials. In addition to many models made of high-quality blended fabric, there are also noble parts of silk or fine weave structure. Solid cotton ties are also very popular. All of these materials can be dyed to your liking, giving you a huge color palette. By the way, did you know that the color of a tie reveals something about its wearer? For example, men wearing a yellow tie look optimistic and joyful, while wearers of orange models are considered particularly humorous.