Monday , 18 September 2023
Ties with pattern: dotted or checkered

Ties with pattern: dotted or checkered

Ties with pattern

They are a great business accessory to give your outfit a splash of color: the Ties with pattern, Stripes, checks and dots are among the classic patterns and are always well received. In addition, there are extravagant models, which provide an eye-catcher with 3D prints or colorful ornaments.

Dressed perfectly in business life

Ties with subtle patterns are perfect for everyday work. To ensure that the outfit does not lose its reputable effect, filigree patterns are ideal. The patterned ties do not always have to be multi-colored. Some models also convince with a successful pattern, which is created by different qualities of material, for example by a partially glossy and a partially matte surface. The color should be chosen to match the suit. Ties For example, patterns in shades of gray are a great match for a dark blue suit, while warm colors like orange and red blend well with beige suits.

A true classic is the dotted model. This usually shows with a dark base color and lighter dots that can have very different sizes. These patterned Ties stand for seriousness and competence. For the typical gentleman look checkered variants are recommended. They fit perfectly with the English suit and present themselves in many different colors. Plaid ties in warm shades of brown or in timeless blue shades are very popular.

Ties with pattern: extraordinary arrives

Gentlemen who like to dress extravagantly, can look forward to eye-catching ties with shiny patterns. Models with ornaments are a great choice for solemn occasions. The simple gray suit they come out beautifully and give the outfit that certain something.