Saturday , 19 August 2023
Gym bags for women

Gym bags for women

Whether in the gym, football training or swimming pool: gym bag are stylish companions for every sport. They offer plenty of space for sportswear, sneakers and towel and look cool thanks to trendy designs. The bag-shaped pockets are provided with a drawstring and can be tightened with the appropriate straps. Some models can be worn like a backpack, others are casually hung over the shoulder.

Simple pockets or military style for men

gym bag are used by both women and men, so that there is a wide choice of different models for both sexes. For example, men like to use plain black or dark blue bags with a distinctive brand logo. Lovers of the current streestyle look can make a splash with sports bags in bright neon colors. Supporters of the military look, however, are well advised with a variant with camouflage pattern.

Not just for the sport: gymnastics bags for women

Ladies can set a successful accent with a fancy model with wild animal print. If you like flashy colors, it’s a pink or turquoise colored one gym bag well advised. Real hippie flair comes with a flowered bag. By the way, you can use the stylish bags not only as sports bags. Trendsetters around the world have discovered the gym bag for themselves and wear it as a backpack alternative to their city look. Combined with used-look jeans, white sneakers and a colorful print shirt, the trend pieces come into their own.