Create great business styles with a GANT blouse

Create great business styles with a GANT blouse

Blouses from GANT

The fine clothing brand GANT has been specializing in the production of men’s shirts since 1949. In this tradition, later blouses were made for women. Like all garments of GANT convince the blouses with high quality materials, a perfect fit and a special longevity.

GANT blouses: a must-have for women

They not only look good, they also enhance the wardrobe with immediate effect. Classic blouses are a fundamental part of all business styles. But also casual jeans and leisure looks give it an elegant touch. Whether shirt blouse with long or short sleeves, tailored or classic cut, plain-colored, patterned blouse, Stretch or silk blouse at GANT you will also find your personal favorite piece.

For the office look we recommend a long-sleeved, monochrome blouse, In the color white or in a subtle nuance, it is easy to combine and is considered an excellent companion to the costume or trouser suit. Even without a blazer, a shirt blouse to a cloth trousers or a knee-length skirt always looks stylish and correct. In cotton stretch quality possesses the GANT blouse a high wearing comfort, is temperature compensating and makes every movement with.

Style casual leisure outfits

For the casual look, it may also be colorful or patterned. A pretty long or short-sleeved blouse with pattern looks happy and relaxes the style. Pünktchen are popular with all women and almost predestined for romantic-playful combinations. This fits a swinging skirt or a wide Marlene pants and peep-toes. The plaid blouses by GANT highlight these trendy outfits and androgynous looks. For jeans, chinos and flats or brogues, they are an indispensable part of everyday life. Lovers of feminine styles grab the noble silk blouse with a floral pattern, whose gently flowing material gently plays around the silhouette. It can be elegantly combined with figure-hugging skirts, fabric pants and pumps and looks great even under a blazer or in a trendy layered look.