Sunday , 24 September 2023
Men’s Tuxedo Suits

Men’s Tuxedo Suits

An elegant one tuxedo is the upscale evening wear for men. It even means a man does not need more than a dark suit and tuxedo for his wardrobe. However, the opportunities to wear the noble garment have become rare these days – probably because the dress code “Black Tie” for weddings, graduation balls and Abiballs no longer exists or is not as strict as it once was. Today, in black suits with white business shirts and dark ties, you can meet many such formal events. More class, however, is still quite sexy tuxedo,

How to wear a tuxedo

You can break any rule of fashion, except one: the dress code for a tuxedo. The dinner jacket that men once wore when they retired to the drawing room for smoking is still a fortress of classic menswear. The attempt to circumvent this constant, if requested on the invitation the dress code “Black Tie”, usually ends with a refusal at the entrance. It is all the more important to know when and, above all, how a tuxedo is worn so that you do not get out as Kulturbanause. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it is important to know how to personalize the tuxedo today. Without a doubt, the tuxedo, or Tuxedo, has the penchant for uniformity.

5 rules for a tuxedo

  1. First of all, there is the question of the colour in the room. Because yes, a tuxedo does not always have to be black. A dark Midnight Blue is a popular alternative as it looks like a stronger black under artificial light. The idea of ​​whitewashing the entire outfit in black has also lasted until today.
  2. Smoking jacket is not the same Smoking jacket, The jacket can be both double and single row. Likewise, various lapel shapes such as shawl collar and falling or rising lapel are possible. In any case, it is silk-coated. Be sure to choose a perfect fit for your choice otherwise the overall look will look like a costume rental.
  3. Also at shirt can be expressed in moderation individuality. Dad collar or flap collar or a regular collared collar are accepted in the Tuxedo. Furthermore, you can choose between pleated pleats, tucks, ruffles, piqué, open or concealed button placket. The double cuff, however, is always mandatory.
  4. The cummerbund is worn only with single row sakkos and in symbiosis with matching fly may also have other colors than black. Bordeaux or a shimmering midnight blue have established themselves, but are never as safe a choice as black.
  5. First accessories crown the tuxedo with individuality. Shirt and cufflinks make the difference. Here it may be with gold and gemstones also like something more. With the handkerchief, however, it is advisable to resort to a classic white tone and fine linen or light cotton quality. All the “individualization advice” may seem unimportant at first glance. But they are for experienced eyes – and some of them can be focused on you at a ball or a reception – an indication of whether the wearer has style and fashionable character or not.

Smoking & “Black Tie”

Frequently, social events that require a tuxedo are requested in the invitation. “Black Tie” or “Cravate Noir” is then on the invitation. Sometimes the addition “Business Formula Optional” is also included if you want to leave the options open for a dark suit. However, it is less noticeable at such events, if you wear a dark suit – at least if this is right. Because nothing is more noticeable than a man in a bad-fitting dinner or dinner jacket.

The right tux

A modern tuxedo is very similar to the business suit in terms of fit and cut. Differences in the cut are primarily details that characterize a classic dress suit:

  • he is basically black or midnight blue
  • a lapel studded with silk
  • no back slit
  • traditionally a button to close, but two are possible
  • Galons on the pants, a satin trim strip on the pants outer seam

Furthermore, the typical look of a dress shirt with optional Kent or collapsible collar and Envelope cuffs and the matching accessories. This includes a bow tie and cummerbund in classic black or a contrasting color as well as a pair of subtle cufflinks.

As for the right fit, the fine tuxedo and the normal suit are similar. The suit jacket is cut close to the body, the sleeves are enough with hanging arms at most to the hand approach. The shirt should look at sleeves and collar by one to one and a half inches. The button to close the tuxedo jacket ideally sits just below the rib cage. Keep these fit tips in mind as well as the frame rules for the perfect style at social events, look great at every prom, prom and every wedding or gala event.