Saturday , 16 September 2023



Regionally rooted but always ready to think outside the box: Bei ASCOT find tradition and modernity, beautiful and useful things together. The founding of the tie factory by Karl Moese in the silk city of Krefeld in 1908 was the starting signal for the company and the young generation. So son Erwin gave after a trip to the horse race in Ascot the brand’s charismatic name. The British influence is also reflected in the design: In addition to the typical, inspired from the 40s tie knot and the national colors of the Empire shape the collections. Despite modern computer-controlled sewing techniques, the family-owned company attaches great importance to a high proportion of manual labor.

True to the motto “more than just a piece of fabric”, the German traditional brand focuses on high-quality workmanship. Fine silk fabrics or cashmere form the basis for the ASCOT ties. Insole and lining are largely cut by hand and the outer fabric locked. The standard of quality also stands above the previous work steps: choice of style and materials has always taken place at ASCOT in close cooperation with the designers and weavers. Classic ties are still a focal point of the brand portfolio.

And there is a great variety: models with a textured surface, business ties in a classic form with a shimmering texture, basics in puristic, uni-style or ties in elegantly combined designs, allover prints and colorful patterns and ornaments.

ASCOT Men’s accessories – these are also the scarf collections made in Krefeld today. Again, there are typical British shades such as navy blue, rusty red or gray green. Characteristic for the ASCOT scarves is a sporty-simple style. Rectangular cut, fine structure and fringe finish are characteristic of many cashmere models. In the cold season, the mesh image may then like to be a bit coarser – with knit scarves in a wool blend. Due to their length, the scarves in classic loop shape are just as wearable as a fashionable loop. ASCOT – traditional and open to new ideas.