Monday , 18 September 2023
Poloshirts – In the beginning was the crocodile

Poloshirts – In the beginning was the crocodile

Polo shirts are more than simple basics. They are must-have, fashion statement and fashion classic of women’s fashion such as men’s fashion in one. They are considered one of the most stylistically changeable garments, being home to both tennis and golf, as well as having a firm place in business fashion – at least on casual Friday. Many well-known brands on both sides of the Atlantic have established themselves over time as specialists in this basic section and developed their own classics of fashion. But it all started with a fashion brand that is still famous for its polo shirts, Lacoste.

In 1933 it was a tennis player who came up with the idea of ​​polo shirts. Today his name is an institution of elegant sports fashion. The French tennis professional René Lacoste designed his short-sleeved shirt made of pique fabric initially only for himself, later in larger quantities and did not suspect that it was soon to become a worldwide success. It quickly became an integral part of the sporty wardrobe and Lacoste became a leading brand for polo shirts.

The other polo shirts

Over time, other fashion brands have released versions of their polo – and not without success. Almost an American Classic is the polo shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren. Although only released in the 80s, Shirt with the polo player on the chest became a popular key piece of the emerging generation within a very short time.

Today, the choice of polo shirt is above all a matter of style and brand image that you want to use. Whether it’s Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Boss Black or McNeal is up to you. Because some elements have all polos in common:

  • Pique fabric
  • ribbed cuffs
  • short sleeves
  • short button placket
  • turndown collar

Another advantage already mentioned, which is common to all polo shirts, is their great styling potential – but the polo shirt belongs to the key pieces of the international style and is often combined with other classics to well-defined ensembles. This includes the typical compilation with beige Chinos or a light flannel trousers and a Navy Blazer or instead of a Blouson jacket. It’s a look that can be worn in part on casual Friday or for an upscale leisure look.

For the sports field, however, nothing beats the classic combination of polo shirts and shorts or tennis skirts. This is where the polo shirt is based and plays its fashionable advantages in a confident and stylish way. They are and always will be athletes and do not want to hide this, these polo shirts.