Thursday , 14 September 2023
Black blouses always fit

Black blouses always fit

In everyday life is not always time and space for the little black people. In order to always be dressed stylishly, ladies can fall back as an alternative to black blouses. Whether as a tunic, chic silk blouse, shirt blouse or in the sleeveless summery shape – the black blouse is very versatile,

Ahoy! – Black blouses in pirate look

Especially extravagant black ladies blouses in pirate style. They are voluminously cut with big ruffled collar, puffy sleeves or trumpet sleeves, This look needs eye-catching jewelry and must be staged in style. Jeans and trousers should be narrow at the waist and hip and cut straight, tight or in a boot-cut style as desired. Nice is a noble vest made of brocade fabric or shiny satin, This look is Perfect for the party, special events or long club nights, In addition, a neutral black blouse fits perfectly with colorful pants and skirts. The black blouse is the ideal combination partner for all things colorful.

Black and colorful – a great combination!

A black blouse is an important piece in the wardrobe for those who like the very latest colorful pants. Only she effectively stages all the great colors, patterns and prints. Especially summery colors like apricot and yellow shine in combination with black, But the black women’s blouse is also suitable for slightly softening the colorful trousers in their conspicuousness. It does not matter what length or shape you choose. Black long blouses For example, they are very popular and quickly give a look an elegant look. A short-sleeved blouse, on the other hand, is available ideal for warm summer days on.

How to combine black blouses with style

The black blouse is always elegant and well combed, It looks best when combined with lots of jewelery and other eye-catching accessories. Colorful belts are offered or the beautiful new tube scarves in the greatest desings. When it comes to jewelery you can let off steam, because a black blouse accentuates every piece of jewelry, Large cocktail rings, fashionable bracelets in many colors or charms or minimalist designed gold and silver jewelery – the black blouse puts every piece in the foreground.