Thursday , 14 September 2023


Cocktail dress in green: modern cuts and great colors

Anyone interested in a green cocktail dress can look forward to many attractive offers. Especially with the cuts and shades here for ladies a wide selection is guaranteed. A cocktail dress in green looks particularly classy, ​​if it is made of a shiny fabric. Here, for example, taffeta, velvet or silk are often used. The light breaks very nicely in the shiny fabrics and depending on the color nuance, the evening dress comes to its best advantage. Ladies who want to wear their cocktail dress in green on festive occasions, are well advised with the colors forest green or emerald. These shades score with a magnificent luminosity, without being intrusive. The same applies to a cocktail dress in blue. This nuance has a cool, blue undertone, which makes such a cocktail dress in green simply get that special something. In addition, this color has the great advantage that it flatters both light and darker skin types.

Simply bring color into play – cocktail dress in green

A fashionable cocktail dress in green is also available in soft pastel shades or bold colors like emerald or apple green. These dresses are suitable for a boisterous party or a not too formal evening event. Especially dresses in apple green are often used as Brautjungfernkleider. The cut of the cocktail dress should be pretty simple and as strapless as possible, so that only the color is in the foreground. In combination with a little jewelry made of silver or small pearl necklaces looks like a cocktail dress in green particularly elegant. In addition, the cocktail dress in green is available in a wide range of cuts: wide-flared dresses are just as popular as figure-hugging models that optimally highlight the female silhouette. If you want a classic cut and still want to do without a little modern chic, opt for a cocktail dress in green in A-line form. These dresses are narrow at the top and often score with fine straps. From the waist, however, they run a little further and play around the figure so gently. A cocktail dress in green in this cut is suitable for almost any occasion and can be styled with a few high heels or slim boots again and again.