Wednesday , 16 August 2023
Blouse with Bow

Blouse with Bow

If you want to feel beautiful and completely feminine as a woman, you will find an elegant and at the same time very portable companion in the classic blouse. The Schluppenbluse combines this elegance with the playful element of the so-called Schluppe – a loosely tied loop. With her she succeeds in emphasizing her own femininity in a subtle way.

A sling is nothing more than a loose or tied at the neck loop on the blouse collar. It can be different in color, pattern or material from the rest of the blouse to create a charming contrast So, for example, the black sling with a white cotton blouse is a real eye-catcher.

The right pants blouse for you

Bow Blouses But there are also many different colors and different patterns or prints. Short or long-sleeved variants are available in relation to the cut shape, which can be either tailored or straight cut. Combined with a blazer and a skinny jeans or a pencil skirt is the Schluppenbluse absolutely office ready. But she can do much more: with a boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket creates a fashionable casual look, which is perfect for a sunny spring day – for example, the coffee chat with the girlfriends. A seductive variant is the floppy blouse made of transparent chiffon dar. This material is particularly airy and lightweight, these blouses are also on warmer summer days pleasantly loose on the skin.