With this accessory, you can give your serious look a very special touch. The purple Color looks very elegant and was also liked by the kings of the Middle Ages. At the same time has one purple Tie a mystical look and is just a great change from the typical tie colors such as blue and gray.

A purple tie festive scene

Deep dark purple looks very solemn and is therefore made for special occasions. If the fabric is then still slightly shiny, you are perfectly prepared for the next party. For a purple tie, you can wear an anthracite-colored suit. A white or dark gray shirt makes the look perfect. Of course, there are not just monochromatic models. Even classic striped ties, for example in different shades of purple are a good option.

Combine serious office outfits

Delicate lilacs are currently very trendy and are wonderful for spring outfits. In addition, ties in pastel purple are good companions for the professional life. They blend well with muted suit colors such as beige or gray and are not too intrusive despite their fresh color. Again, they have numerous patterns available. How about, for example, a structural pattern?