Wednesday , 2 August 2023
Green dresses: timelessly beautiful and always trendy

Green dresses: timelessly beautiful and always trendy

Green is the color of hope – it represents the beginning of spring and nature. A rich green reminds of lush meadows and large trees, which provide shade in summer. No wonder then that green clothes so popular. In a variety of shades and cuts they exude vitality and at the same time stylish elegance.

Green is not just green: the colors at a glance

A classic green dress reminds of the color of fresh plants and is therefore always a guarantee of good mood. Pastel shades are especially popular in summer because it looks so fresh. A pastel-green dress also fits wonderfully as a wardrobe for wedding guests.

Sportier it is with a Dress in olive green, The color is reminiscent of the military style, where it is still used today. This color is called khaki. Dresses in this tone look particularly stylish in combination with sneakers and a blouson. It is noble with dark green clothes. Whether festive at a gala or casually for a business lunch: Dark green clothes fit every occasion. A particularly intense effect emerald green dress,

Green dresses in different fabrics and cuts

The selection of fabrics and cuts is of course also great in this color family. Very popular is the jersey dress, because it is very comfortable and, depending on the cut, the figure plays or emphasizes. A chic green summer-dress becomes an eye-catcher in this way. It gets a bit more elegant if you look for a green one lace dress decide. The special structure of the fabric provides a romantic look that will be well received at the next celebration. Are you looking for a new outfit for the office? Sheath in green. This looks serious and at the same time flatters your figure.

Skillfully combine a green dress

Gold and silver go perfectly well with green dresses. A corresponding scarf or a wide belt and a clutch in the noble colors provide an interesting color contrast. If a rather warm look is to be created, a combination with brown shades is optimal. Earth tones harmonize with the color green because of their naturalness. A mysterious aura is created when a green dress is combined with colors such as violet, mauve or lavender. Yellow also makes a green dress look good. Especially in the summer dress and accessories in this combination to the betrayal. If you like it darker, combine it dark green dress with black accessories.