Blue Ties – Striped ties in blue for a modern look

Blue Ties – Striped ties in blue for a modern look

The tie – from the past to today

Around the history and development of the tie many legends and conjectures, of which nobody knows so well, whether they agree now. Already in ancient times, the men in the high standards wore a cloth around his neckto communicate their stand. Nevertheless, many fashion experts agree that it is not until the beginning of the 17th century that it is actually possible to speak of the tie. The fighters in the Thirty Years War wore narrow silk scarves around their necks, The nobility saw this trend. In the course of the following centuries, new types of popular accessories for men were created. It is similar with the different tie types of tie, While it used to be just around the neck and entwined, the nobility soon came up with new ways of weaving that are still used today.

The tie in blue as an accessory

The ties of today are usually made of fine silk and are available in different widths on offer. Especially in recent years, the Narrow tie in blue and other trendy colors more and more prevailed. She is especially fond of suits and gives an extraordinary elegance, A tie in blue in a narrow or wide version is one of the accessories that should not be missing in the wardrobe of the modern man. The color blue stands for the Freshness and energy of the sea, The cool color harmonizes perfectly with dark shades like brown or black. If the tie is worn in blue to a white shirt, then it is the colored eye-catcher in an elegant outfit,

Striped ties in blue for a modern look

Men who like a tie in blue like a little more restrained, choose a striped model. On timeless stripe pattern harmonizes perfectly with plain colors shirts, In order to make the overall picture perfect, it makes sense to choose a pocket square matching the tie in blue. This is inserted in the pocket of the jacket. Those who not only want to wear classic tones like black and white with the extraordinary tie in blue can do it too combine perfectly with gray, a light cream tone or even yellow, As a marine color, blue is too Combination partners with a cool base especially good. It pays off to test different combinations with the tie in blue.