Wednesday , 27 September 2023
Blue men’s suits – suitable for many occasions

Blue men’s suits – suitable for many occasions

A blue suit – always a reliable companion

Blue men’s suits are a true classic and give every man that certain something. The history of the suit goes back to the 18th century, when the men replaced colorful and sumptuous clothing with a muted style. So the knee breeches gave way to the long pants and the upper body was covered with a vest or a jacket.

At that time, the term suit referred mainly to several garments that were matched. It was not long before the elegant pants and jacket became socially acceptable – this basic form has been preserved to this day. The classic and timeless elegance makes this compilation the ideal companion on many occasions. Dark blue suits are the perfect compromise between black and lighter gray tones.

Tip for suits – dark blue is easy to combine

Blue is a very patient color that harmonizes with many other shades of color. On dark blue suit is therefore a perfect basic to combine different shirts and accessories. He always looks classic and convinces especially with a shirt in light blue, white or a light rose. But more daring color combinations such as pink or a bright yellow set accents. Trendy ties or colorful slip-in pieces are a perfect match for the blue suits – gentlemen can round off their outfit with the colorful accessories.

On dark blue suit Can only be worn in parts. The jacket makes the casual outfit with jeans and shirt a sophisticated whole for a trip into the city or a casual party. Worn in a shorts, the jacket creates a sporty and casual look that is particularly popular with young men. The pants can be combined with a monochrome shirt.

There are many occasions when you can not go wrong with dark blue suits. For example, gentlemen can grab the trend outfit at more upscale events such as banquets or a fancy dinner. These match shiny loafers, for example, made of leather. A wedding suit in blue is also an alternative to the black models. During leisure or on more casual occasions, a gym or sports shoe relaxes the outfit.

Thanks to the timeless elegance, a dark blue suit puts gentlemen in the spotlight and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Modern men of today set fashion trends and know about the many advantages of this all-rounder.