Sunday , 24 September 2023


The picture of leggings in gaudy Barbie color that can not be worn beyond teenage years comes to mind when you turn on pink pants think? Then you do not know the fashionable variation of the color yet. Because such a trend piece can be a wonderfully elegant and stylish addition to your wardrobe and must have absolutely nothing to do with kitsch or little girl paint.

Diverse and imperishable

Rosa is not the same pink, You will quickly discover this when you look at the selection of women’s and men’s trousers. There is a whole palette of this color: an intense fuchsia, a warm rose, a delicate old or delicate pale pink and a cheerful pink. Whether as a summer good-mood color or as a soft pastel color, which gives every wardrobe a delicate and romantic touch, this color you just can not get enough, if so many nuances are available. The pink trousers is made for spring and summer days, as it radiates warmth and lightness and is very well combined with fresh and bright colors. But also the contrast between a bright pink and a top in classic dark black can look very attractive just because of the diversity of the colors.

Pants in pink for him and her

The selection of these colorful pants is particularly large for ladies, but gentlemen do not have to do without this tasteful color. The models for men are usually less in pink, but often have an impact on the brown. A pair of pink chinos can be easily worn with a casual look and a casual sweatshirt or even a basic shirt.